PNV J17224490-4137160 - Nova in Scorpius

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PNV J17224490-4137160 - Nova in Scorpius

Post by AndrewP » 23 Apr 2023, 07:57

Hi All

I was fortunate to discover this bright nova ( a few days ago and once again AstroArt 8 played a big part in that with the discovery and followup. What I find very useful (and somewhat surprising) is that performing astrometry on a 150 square deg field with my 85mm lens produces very good results and not that far from precise positions obtained using much larger telescopes. This makes me very confident when reporting the discovery knowing that the position I report from AA8 is pretty close to the mark.


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Re: PNV J17224490-4137160 - Nova in Scorpius

Post by fabdev » 28 Apr 2023, 01:37

Hi Andrew, congratulations! I'm following the developments, for example: ... =36&t=3090

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