M13 - Feb 27

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M13 - Feb 27

Post by Dunmunro » 27 Feb 2023, 20:34

This is an integration of 43 x 300sec ( 3.6 hours) exposures using an Orion Starshoot Pro V2 OSC 6MP APSC camera and a 10in F6.3 SCT @ F5 via a Starizona .75X SCT focal reducer. I guided the image with a 50mm F3.6 guidescope using Astroart's Full Frame guiding as I couldn't find a suitable guidestar using the OAG.

Colour Demosaic = 2x2bin (superpixel)
5 dark frames, 10 flat fields, Drizzle stacking, and hot pixel removal.

Processing steps:

1) 20 x LR deconvolution using a Gaussian 1.0 PSF
2) DDP
Gamma 90
WP 20
BG 0
Sat 15
WB 50
Sigma 2.45
Strength 30

3)Gradient Filter
LP 30

I Cropped the image slightly as my flats aren't quite perfect and then rotated the image to match the orientation in Aladdin.

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