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M3 automatic acquisition via scripting

Posted: 27 Jan 2023, 17:06
by Dunmunro
M3 from last night. The 2nd target on my target list after M81. This image was the result of the script that I just posted in the script forum. The script directed the mount to goto M3, then plate solved a 10 second image, synced the mount to the solved image coordinates, then did another goto to M3 so that it was precisely centred on the camera sensor. It then automatically acquired guide stars via the guide camera, did a full frame OAG autoguider calibration and commenced guiding. After that, the camera and focuser were directed to do a full frame autofocus before each of 10 x 900 second exposures:

I used 9 x 900 second exposures for this image, with only minimal processing. 4 x Dark frames, 2x Drizzle stack, with White balance = White Point and Bias = Sky Background. I used DDP with a high pass filter and a gradient filter in lieu of flats.

10in (254mm) F6.3 SCT OTA using a Starizona .75X focal reducer = F5 (~1250mm FL) on a CEM60. Orion SS Pro 6MP OSC APSC camera.

M81, as above with. The first target in the list. as above but 10 x 15min exposures also 20 LR deconvolution iterations.