Australian Desert Fireball Network Panoramic image

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Australian Desert Fireball Network Panoramic image

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Hello All,

I've been involved with the Desert Fireball Network (DFN) run by Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, and have just spent 10 days traveling around the deserts in the Far North of
South Australia, servicing some of the existing DFN cameras.

See for info about the DFN.

At one camera site on Clifton Hills Station on the Birdsville Track, I took a 360 degree landscape panorama with my Canon 5D MKIII, and Fabio has suggested that I post the resulting
image to this forum. The (small) JPEG image (about 9MB) is at
There's a larger 215MB TIFF file of the same name there too, if you're a glutton for punishment!

Some info on Clifton Hills cattle station from the Wiki :-

It is situated approximately 132 kilometres (82 mi) south of Birdsville and 200 kilometres (124 mi) north west of Innamincka. The property encompasses part of the Sturt Stony Desert and is located on the Birdsville Track and is the largest holding along the track[1] with an area of 17,000 square kilometres (6,564 sq mi).

The stocking ratio is about 1 cow per square kilometre. Those stones aren't very nutritious... :-)

You can find the location in Google Earth using the coordinates 27.01832S, 138.89347E


Andrew Cool

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