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SaveView TIFF (16 bit)

Posted: 23 Jun 2024, 20:18
by Rudi
How do I make the Astroart script function Image.SaveView save in 16-bit TIFF?

The code below opens 16-bit FIT files, but the script saves in 8 bit TIFF.

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fitsFiles = FindFiles(folder, "*.fit")
N = Count(fitsFiles)
for i = 1 to N
   Image.Open(folder + fitsFiles{i})
   Image.SaveView(folder + "out\" + fitsFiles{i} + ".tiff")
next i

Re: SaveView TIFF (16 bit)

Posted: 01 Jul 2024, 16:12
by fabdev
hello, use the command:

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if the image has not a perfect 16 bit dynamic, use this to convert:

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