Script for plate solving

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Script for plate solving

Post by AndrewP » 22 Aug 2023, 06:59

Hi All

Apologies if this has been raised before but is there an existing script (or is it relatively easy to develop one) to make AA8 plate solve multiple images of the same field opened and one time and then save these to the same directory as FIT files? I have a large number of photometry images that are not plate solved. So I open about 10-20 at a time and it's quite laborious to "plate solve immediate" and then save each. I was hoping to set up the plate solve once and then get it to solve all images and save the files to save a lot of mouse clicks.

Interested if anyone has tried this before.


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Re: Script for plate solving

Post by AlessandroMaitan » 22 Aug 2023, 07:26

Hi Andrew,
I tried this procedure:
- File -> Browse -> select all images that you need to have plate solved -> Menu -> send to Apply Script
I used this script for my telescope:
print ra, dec
please verify the dimensione of the field for plate solving (2= 2x2°) and the field of view of your equipment (19.3' for my telescope)
It is not as perfect as an original plate solve after taking an image.



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