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Post by Craig » 17 Apr 2020, 04:07

Is there a way to set the Find stars parameters within the script? For example, something like this:

Stars.Find.SNR = 10.0
Stars.Find.ADU = 200
Stars.Find.FWHM = 3.5

Here is what I tried:
Manually start AA
Load an Image
Click Tools|Find stars
Change S/N to 10
Test .. get 50 stars found
Close AA

Run my external program
It starts AA
It loads the same image
Call Stars.Find
returns 121 stars
I then manually check the Find stars settings and they have been reverted back to a default set.

Is there any way to preset these parameters or set them within the script?


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Re: Stars.Find

Post by fabdev » 18 Apr 2020, 17:01

no, but after the stars have been collected, it's possible to select only those needed:

Code: Select all

for i = 1 to Image.Stars.Count
  adu = Image.Stars.ADU(i)
  fwx = Image.Stars.FwhmX(i)
  if fwx < 5.0 then print adu, fwx
next i
The stars will be also returned ordered, by ADU (so by S/N)

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Re: Stars.Find

Post by Craig » 19 Apr 2020, 06:36

Thanks. That works.


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