Updated plugin for StarNet 2

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Updated plugin for StarNet 2

Post by fabdev » 31 Jul 2023, 14:41

Hello, an updated version of the plugin for StarNet 2 is available at the Astroart web site.
This fixes the problem with configuration not saved between sessions and contains improved documentation.

As usual, remember that StarNet requires an image with "real" 16 bit dynamic, this means that in Astroart you should see that both the range (and the visualization as a check) are approx. 65000 (down to 40000 is fine too).
To obtain this range, see the docs. Images with 8 bits (jpeg etc) are fine too, if you enable the option "Image is 8 bit".

Since AA8 SP2 it's also possible to launch the plugin via scripts, the commands are:

StarNet.Check. Checks if the plugin is present and active. It's suggest to add this command at the beginning of the script.

StarNet.Execute. Launches the StarNet plugin. Before executing this command the plugin must be already activated (clicking once in the menu Plugin). The dialog window can be closed by the way.

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