Starnet path

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Morten Lerager
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Starnet path

Post by Morten Lerager » 02 Apr 2023, 21:16

Offen I have to give in the path to starnet.
The macro working fine. But the paht is removed after boot.
I have tryed my user document ...did not work.
Now I use C:\Users\Public\Documents\Astroart\StarNetv2CLI_Win
But still empty after boot. ?
Thank You.
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Re: Starnet path

Post by Iver » 03 Apr 2023, 01:47

I have the same issue?

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Re: Starnet path

Post by fabdev » 05 Apr 2023, 02:23

The setting is saved into the "Temp" folder of Windows, so it's possible that if you "clean up" the PC it gets deleted too.
In a future release it will be saved into a more persistent folder.

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