Coregistering multiple images

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Coregistering multiple images

Post by Rudi » 25 Nov 2022, 04:16

Is there an automatic way to coregister multiple images (different sources)?
I have my own set of calibrated images and want to stack those with a set of calibrated images from a friend of mine.
We have different setups with different pixelscale and image dimensions.

Since there's hundreths of images, I dont want to use the co-register function with one image at the time.
Perhaps I can script my way out of it?

I remember though, that this was announced when Astroart 7 was released:
Automatic coregister for images from different sources.
What does that mean? Can't find any info in the AA8 help about this.

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Re: Coregistering multiple images

Post by fabdev » 25 Nov 2022, 23:08

Hi, Coregister as a script command and macro command (to apply it automatically on a list of files) will be available in SP3, released in January. To receive the pre-release next week just contact me by email or PM.
"Automatic coregister" meant that it was no longer needed to select manually the reference stars.
Greetings, Fabio.

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