combining 1x1 lights with 2x2 colour

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combining 1x1 lights with 2x2 colour

Post by ryking » 17 Mar 2021, 10:56


I have aquired a new ASI294MM Pro CMOS Camera that in its default mode of 4122 x 2822 is called bin 2x2. I have taken red,blue and green images in this mode. I then switch the camera to 1x1 mode that gives me 8222 x 5644 resolution and took light images. I would like to combine these into a final colour image using the following steps:

1) Resize the colour image to be 8222 x 5644 pixels
2) Align the colour and light images
3) Perform LRGB on these images.

I can do step 1 OK but when I try to do step 2 using any of these options (star pattern, star pattern with rotation ( the one I want to use), one star or two star ) I get the error message "Cannot align images with this reference".

So I cannot proceed to step 3.

Any idea to overcome this ?

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Re: combining 1x1 lights with 2x2 colour

Post by fabdev » 17 Mar 2021, 13:31

Hi, you can combine steps 1 and 2 with the single command "Coregister", which scales and aligns. If it's not possible to align automically, Coregister will ask you to select three stars (or three points) on both images.
The procedure is: select the RGB image, click "Coregister", the select the L image as reference.

However, if the images are oversampled, there is no point to work in 8K, it's better to scale the Lum to 4k (use the "Binning pixel 2x2" command, which increases the dynamic).

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