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Statistics window: exclude edge columns/ rows?

Posted: 08 Oct 2020, 17:13
by AstroBernd
Is there a possibility to exclude the dark rows/ columns that each CCD or CMOS chip has at the edges for read-out for statistics, Auto display and demosaik of the OSC images, for ex.? this would help during acquisition (auto-display), pre-processing and statistics. Maybe an option in the settings to exclude x rows and y columns (symmetrical) from these calculations. (See screen shot attached; statistics window left w. edges; right, edges excluded)
AA7 screen crop edges 2020-10-08.jpg
Statistics with and without dark edges
I know i can crop the images, but i would like to know where the dark columns/ rows are, for some special filters (including adaptive gradient) and not the least for the RGB debayering.
Would this also help others or is there an easy way already to achieve this?

Re: Statistics window: exclude edge columns/ rows?

Posted: 10 Oct 2020, 20:21
by fabdev
Hello, wouldn't it be better an option for Camera Control or the ASCOM plugin to always cut those rows? Actually there should be an option in the manufacturer driver: a camera should always be able to present images which contains only useful data. Am I missing something?
For the moment the fastest command is Menu Image / Borders with the Cut option.

Re: Statistics window: exclude edge columns/ rows?

Posted: 11 Oct 2020, 11:20
by AstroBernd
Thanks for the quick reply.
I agree, this would be the quickest way to deal with it and it would feed clean data into the software for the next steps. I checked out how this was for my cameras over the years:
From the 5 cameras i have been using over the years with different drivers, only my 2 older cameras (SBIG ST237C, SX M7C) did not have this issue. And i have not found a possibility to crop borders in any of the drivers.
The cameras i have this issue with are QHY (the old AlCCD6c) and the Starlight Xpress M26C, the last both in the ASCOM and the AstroArt driver.
DO you see a possibility to add this in the AstroArt driver for the M26C, but i would need a symmetrical crop of 4 lines/rows in order for the Pedestal filter to still work.
Appreciate your suport, as always!
Thanks in advance