Make all images same size/crop all?

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Make all images same size/crop all?

Post by Rudi » 04 Oct 2020, 05:40

Is there an easy way to make a number of images the same size? I am not interested in a script, but one or a few functions with the GUI.

After having processed R, G and B lunar series in Autostakkert, the resulting images are of different sizes and Astroart can not combine the channels to a RGB color image - images must be of same size.
Then I select the smallest image size, and select a rectangle with this size, from the menu Edit->Select->Rectangle, in this case 212x1648 pixels, and crop the image.
However, for some reason, even though the Select Rectangle shows the numbers 2192x1648, some times the cropped image is one pixel off in size???
And then I am stuct again with three images that do not have identical sizes. After fiddeling back and forth, I manage to hit an equal size for all three images.
What am I missing? There's got to be an easier way?


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Re: Make all images same size/crop all?

Post by fabdev » 05 Oct 2020, 10:28

Hi, I would use the command Image/Borders (right section, where it's possible to write the actual size of the selection).

For Rectangles/Crop it's possible to select the rectange on the first image only, then just Crop on the other images, the first rectangle will be remembered.

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