astrometric indicator

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astrometric indicator

Post by ebry » 14 Apr 2020, 09:29


I notice that the astrometric indicator doesn't always change with the treatment of the image during rotation/flip. When rotate the image, the astrometric indicator does go along with the image, that looks OK, but if, for example, I 'flip horizontal' the image, the indicator just stays and does not go along with the flip. This is confusing. I need to recalibrate the image astrometrically so that the indicator is back in the correct position. Can this be solved ?

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Re: astrometric indicator

Post by fabdev » 14 Apr 2020, 18:49

flipping is one of those operations which does not change the astrometric calibration. The reason was that in the past it was common to open FITS files with correct WCS but wrong flipping, so it was possible to fix them with the flip command.
This cannot be changed at the moment, if your camera produces flipped images, just flip them automatically at download, from the Camera Options.

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