Plate solving - single vs stacked

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Plate solving - single vs stacked

Post by einari » 08 Feb 2020, 15:57

I just make image of recent supernova (SN 2020ue in NGC 4636).

Started doing astrometry/photometry but first plate solving.
But it was strange that I couldn't plate solve using calibrated and stacked image - uncalibrated single image solved fine.

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Re: Plate solving - single vs stacked

Post by fabdev » 09 Feb 2020, 15:50

Hello, probably the difference is not plate solve, it's star detection if the image is oversampled.
It's possible that on stacked images the stars became too wide (> 15 pixels?) and could not be detected. You can verify this reducing the size of the image, for example with the command "Binning pixel".
If this is the problem, it's solved yet in the pre-release version of SP3, if you like to download it just write me by PM or email.

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