Narrowband and Luminance

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Narrowband and Luminance

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Hi All

I have recently made the jump and purchased AA6. So I am at a very early stage of learning about AstroArt. For the last 10 years or so, I have been imaging in narrowband and processing with CCDStack and PhotoShop, with some tweaking in PaintShop Pro.

To get started I thought I would keep imaging with SGP, then process my lights/flats/darks in AA. I have an ATIK 314L+, ASI1600, ASI290, and ASI224 (colour).

My process in CCDStack/PhotoShop was to take my Ha and Oiii and simply do a Bi-colour. Sometimes I would create a synthetic Green. Then I would add the Luminance. All good, and I am happy.

To my question - most of the tutorials I can find seem to focus on RGB. I have seen one video on Bi Colour processing, but it did not include anything about Luminance. So I did a Bi Colour and created a file. Then I loaded that file along with my LUM. [Opened TOOLS/Preprocessing, then my two FITs. In OPTIONS, AutoAligned]. It worked.

I am wondering if this would be the workflow for Ha, Oiii, LUM, or is there some other way to do this?


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Re: Narrowband and Luminance

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Hello Darrell,

There are tutorials by Vicent Peris on PixInsight (in the Tutorials section). Perhaps, they could be helpful.


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