2 cameras using same driver

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2 cameras using same driver

Post by AstroBernd » 18 Nov 2022, 14:55

I am able to use 2 cameras from different manufacturers with different drivers for guiding and imaging without issues
I may be doing something stupid, but how can i use 2 cameras from the same manufacturer that use the same driver?

e.g. Main camera Lacerta DS2600 (Touptek) plus a Lacerta PlanetPro as the guide camera. They seem to try to use the same ASCOM driver (from Touptek) which messes up the whole imaging session.
Can i just rename one driver installation without confusing the ASCOM platform? Where and how?
Later, I want to run 2 Lacerta DS2600 on the same laptop (with 2 AstroArt instances, obviously). I anticipate i will run into the same issue then.
Appreciate your help

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Re: 2 cameras using same driver

Post by fabdev » 18 Nov 2022, 15:33

Hi, usually that is managed by the manufacturer with something like "Camera 1" and "Camera 2" in the ASCOM Chooser. Here is a quick example from Atik and QHY cameras:
I suggest to ask the manufacturer what is the procedure to control two cameras with ASCOM.

In Astroart, using one or two sessions will not change the matter (but one session is now recommended).
Greetings, Fabio.

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