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Guiding log

Post by Kaban » 28 Sep 2021, 12:13


I am starting with Astroart. My main interest with it is its capability of slit guiding.
I tried last night for the first time and seems to work pretty work.
Bu, where can i check how was the guiding? Is there any saved log?

I could not find any.


David Cejudo.

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Re: Guiding log

Post by fabdev » 28 Sep 2021, 13:31

Hello, right click in the Statistics page, then from the context menu use "Save data" or "Copy data to clipboard", this will create a text file with the guide errors for every frame.
To evaluate the current guide parameters use the "AvgRA" and "AvgDE" values, then click "Clear data" after having changed the parameters.
Here are some screenshots:
Greetings, Fabio.

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