AA6 or AA7 Meridian flips

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AA6 or AA7 Meridian flips

Post by cjacobson » 08 Mar 2020, 18:44

I have AA6 and would probably upgrade to AA7 but I am frustrated with no identified pathway for meridian flips. I looked thru the script files. Nothing has jumped out to me. I looked for help on the various UTube videos on AA5 and 6. I am not a programer and do no want to be writing some script set up, so where do I go for this? Thanks cjacobson
My Ap mounts do not automatically flip.

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Re: AA6 or AA7 Meridian flips

Post by fabdev » 08 Mar 2020, 23:24

Hello, via script it's possible to read the meridian flip position, then this information can be used for various purposes.

By the way writing (setting) the meridian position is not possible, Astroart expects that meridian flips are handled by the ASCOM driver or by the mount itself.
Depending your research there can be several workarounds, for example if some images of a sequence are rotated 180° due to the automatic meridian flip, then use the option "Translation + Rotation" to align and stack the sequence. Or for supernova search, the Sort command (Shortest Path) always sort object in ascending RA.

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