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FF Autofocus

Post by Dunmunro » 22 Dec 2019, 05:52

After some trial and error, FF autofocus seems to work well. I find that I have to use longer exposures, than with the single star autofocus to get consistent results and the rule of thumb seems to be about twice the integration time as with single star, but 2 exposures per increment. So if single star AF requires 2 x 3 sec exposures then FF autofocus should have about 6 sec exposures per increment.

I wonder if there's a way to log the AF focus position throughout the session? It would be useful for checking focus against ambient temperature.

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Re: FF Autofocus

Post by fabdev » 23 Dec 2019, 13:52

Yes, full frame autofocus works best with a longer exposure time, 4 .. 8 seconds are common.
It's not possible to Log a series of autofocusing sessions, but it will be implemented later, as a sort of "global Log" where the user will be able to select which events (camera, telescope, focuser, etc.) are to be logged or ignored.

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