Updated plugin for Canon DSLRs

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Updated plugin for Canon DSLRs

Post by fabdev » 02 Aug 2019, 13:38

Hello everybody,
an updated plugin which supports the latest DSLR models (2000D, 4000D, etc) is available at the Astroart web site. If you are using an older model there is no need to upgrade.

The latest mirrorless cameras and the 250D DSLR are not supported because at the moment it's not supported the new CR3 file format.

In the next years the debate DSLR vs Mirrorless will probably affect astrophotography too. As you know modern mirrorless cameras have all the features of DSLRs and many photographers are switching to them. Here is a short summary of the debate:

Advantages: the lack of the mirror and the viewfinder means less weight, space, vibrations and noise.

Disadvantages: the lack of the mirror and the viewfinder means a less intuitive pointing (because you need to look at the LCD) and a higher battery consumption (because you need to turn on the LCD).

How all this will affect astrophotography will be debated in these years.

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