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Canon 6D Noise

Posted: 26 Jul 2019, 21:58
by Dennis Persyk
I image with my Canon 6D from a western suburb of Chicago with moderate light pollution. My Sky Quality Meter registers 19.5 mag/sq arcsecond, equivalent to a limiting visual magnitude of about mag 5.5.

Typical imaging sequence for wide area star fields:
Canon f/1.4 50 mm lens at f/2.8
Iso 1000
60 second subs
30 total subs

If I stretch aggressively I bring out a brown glow in the lower right corner, which I assume is amp glow. I can image fairly faint stars but never any portion of the Milky Way or nebulosity. Is this due to my light pollution? I'd like to hear what results forum members have with their 6Ds.

Best regards,
Dennis Persyk Hampshire, IL