Problem using Ultrastar PRO guide camera

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Problem using Ultrastar PRO guide camera

Post by drsb » 08 Sep 2023, 14:35

I am using Astroart 6 and trying to run an Ultrastar PRO guide camera connected to a Trius PRO 694 mono CCD camera. I have installed the latest SX drivers and the latest SX camera plugin version 3.60.

Under Plug-in I run Camera control 6.0 and in the CCD Camera control window I select SXVH under Imaging/Guide camera. It also offers me 3 options under the heading Extra guide camera: SXVH, Lodestar or Simulator, but all are greyed out. When I click SETUP, the next screen gives me 3 options to select an integrated guider: None, Classic SXV guider or ExView SXV guider. I choose ExView SXV guider (but I get the same result using the Classic option). I then click Connect and OK and I get the Camera control window again. I can now download an image from the 694. That works correctly. However, when I go to the Focus/Guide tab and click either Focus or Guide under the Guider camera, it downloads a black image with dimensions 500x290. These are not the correct dimensions for an Ultrastar image (1392 x 1040).

What am I doing wrong and how can I get Astroart to correctly download guide images from the Ultrastar?


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Re: Problem using Ultrastar PRO guide camera

Post by fabdev » 08 Sep 2023, 20:28

Hello, select "None" as "Integrated guider". Then connect the UltraStar as a common guide camera, using the second SETUP button.
The selection is grayed out if an "integrated guider" is selected in the main camera, or if the main camera is not connected yet.

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