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Astroart 8 SP6

Post by fabdev » 02 Apr 2024, 14:20

Hello, a new minor version of Astroart 8 is available:

Version 8.0 SP6 - April 2, 2024

* New feature. Automatic meridian flips, with autoguide and centering by plate solving.
* New feature. Script commands for selecting files.
* New feature. Script commands for persistent data.
* New feature. Script commands for optics collimation.
* New feature. Individual filters in Apply Macro can be temporarily disabled.
* Improved. Bigger icons for 125% and 150% DPI scaling.
* Improved. Auto-scrolling in the script window is smarter.
* Improved. Selected points are shown in the window for manual alignment.
* Improved. Copy and Paste in the convolution window.
* Improved. The telescope simulator is capable of meridian flips.
* Bug fix. Domes without homing position triggered an exception.
* Bug fix. Windows high DPI scaling was not correct in the Preprocessing window.
* Bug fix. The 64 bit version did not work with the latest WINE versions.
* Bug fix. Option "Cut missing borders" sometimes not compatible with RGB demosaic.
* Bug fix. The Statistics window did not reset when closing the image.
* Bug fix. Inverting a mask did not work sometimes.

Web site:

Some screenshots:
About the script commands, see: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=842

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