SER files

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SER files

Post by jakes » 24 Aug 2023, 20:07


are SER files supported for image acquisition and image stacking? I tried to open a SER file in AA, only the first frame was displayed.


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Re: SER files

Post by fabdev » 25 Aug 2023, 13:28

Hi, they are not supported for acquisition, but they are supported for image stacking (just like AVI). Just put a SER file into the "Images" box of Preprocessing, all frames will be automatically extracted, aligned and stacked.
About acquisition, if your need is fast image download (to optimize a sequence of short exposures) take a look if the ASCOM driver supports a "fast" or "video" mode, where images are downloaded at 8-10-12 bits (instead of 16), this is the mode used for SER files.

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