AllCometEls.txt vs CometEls.txt

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AllCometEls.txt vs CometEls.txt

Post by Dunmunro » 21 Jan 2023, 21:35

I guess the Minor planet Center must have renamed the comets file at some point. Anyways I have to remove the 'All' from the AllCometEls.txt file to get AA8 to read it.

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Re: AllCometEls.txt vs CometEls.txt

Post by fabdev » 22 Jan 2023, 15:17

It must be happened in the last 3-4 days. That would cause trouble to a lot of software.
For the moment the only solution is to rename the file after the download.
Thanks, Fabio.

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Re: AllCometEls.txt vs CometEls.txt

Post by bill » 01 Feb 2023, 21:49

If you still want to use the smaller truncated data file CometsEls.txt (971 entries) it's available here; ... metEls.txt

The AllCometsEls.txt data file currently has 4,576 entries.


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