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Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 18 Sep 2021, 05:18
by Dunmunro
Rudi wrote:
18 Sep 2021, 04:34
It’s perhaps “cheating” ;-)

It’s a brand new Lenovo X1 laptop

Thanks. Nice machine!

It's over twice as fast as my fastest computer, but the preprocessing time is still impressive and it shows how well Astroart utilizes modern multicore/multithreaded processors.

Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 18 Sep 2021, 16:04
I am getting similar results....I just calibrated, DeBayered and Sigma combined 80 subs in 1:15 seconds with an i7 box with 32GB of ram and a 1TB SSD. Way faster than my old i5 8GB laptop.

Star Ranch Observatory - SRO

Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 20 Sep 2021, 08:29
by HughP
WD5IKX wrote:
16 Sep 2021, 22:53
Fabio answered my question.

Thanks Fabio for all your hard work making Astro Art such great software.

Star Ranch Obs SRO
So what was Fabio's answer?

Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 27 Sep 2021, 05:28
by locidor
Hi all. How do I upgrade to Astroart 8 from version 7 ? Only the demo download is available on the website.

Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 27 Sep 2021, 16:07
by Iver
This is from the AstroArt web site.

The upgrade from Astroart 7 costs 85 Euro (plus VAT, approx. 105 Euro) or 105 USD (plus local taxes).

The upgrade is free if you purchased Astroart 7 or the upgrade after September 1, 2020, in this case please contact us by email.
The upgrade includes: Full Astroart 8.0 as above, 12 months of major upgrades, unlimited service packs.

Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 09 Oct 2021, 15:42
by Hidenori Nohara
ASTROART7 is able to preprocess comet tracking, but ASTROART8 can not preprocess comet tracking.

Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 10 Oct 2021, 08:53
by Dunmunro
Hidenori Nohara wrote:
09 Oct 2021, 15:42
ASTROART7 is able to preprocess comet tracking, but ASTROART8 can not preprocess comet tracking.
Did you use the 'follow minor planet' option?

Re: Astroart 8

Posted: 13 Oct 2021, 10:48
by sungrazer
Hi to all!
I want to upgrade to AA8! I want to upgrade the AA7 (32Bit) and I want to move or copy it to a 64 Bit Notebook. Is there a guide for such work?
Is there a Comet traking inside, now. I do my Astrometrie by Astrometrica. But I would like make some pretty Pictures Comet sharp and Stars with no trails.
I can do this in Astrometrica using the Images L, R, G, B in Astrometrica, but the Stars are trails of course. The Deep Sky Stacker isn't fast for other Formats than JPG.

This is a function I would like within AA8. Even a setting for the Comet like Direction Angle and Movement "/minute should work (Data is visible in Astrometrica as an Example).

How can I test the Goto on my EQ6 R Mount. How can I read about Imaging Camera and Guiding Camera?

I work with an old Celestron 8 with a ZWO ASI Mono Pro LRGB now, and it works (no Guider). I will move the Camera to a C11 (EQ6 R) and adding a ZWO ASI Mini Mono for guiding.