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Plugin for Starnet++

Post by fabdev » 10 Nov 2020, 14:14

Starnet++ is a software used to remove stars using artificial intelligence. A plug-in for Astroart is now ready:

The plugin contains a detailed "readme" file about installing both Starnet++ and the Astroart Plugin. Read it carefully, remember that the image must be 8 bit or 16 bit (stretched), if your image is not, there are instructions about transforming the image. Here is a typical result:
About Starnet++ this is the official website:
Starnet++ also requires a CPU with AVX instructions, usually available after 2011 (not on Celeron/Pentium).

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Re: Plugin for Starnet++

Post by Emilio » 11 Nov 2020, 08:45

Just after the first initial test it seems very effective and promising. PS postprocessing can be avoided. Thanks Fabio.

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Re: Plugin for Starnet++

Post by Rudi » 11 Nov 2020, 16:01

I get an error message when running run_mono_starnet.bat.
VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing

It seems that an Visual Studio runtime library is missing.
I have Visual Studio 2015 installed.

A side note:
I also tried installing the latest RT library from here: ... -downloads
But that didn't help.

However, finding VCRUNTIME140_1.dll and manually copying it to the Starnet++ folder did the trick and the Starnet++ works great then!!

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