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Astroart 7 Service Pack 1

Post by fabdev » 06 May 2019, 13:42

Hello everybody, the first service pack for Astroart 7 is ready. As usual it contains both new features and bug fixes.

Version 7.0 SP1 - May 6, 2019
* New feature. On calibrated images, marker for the sun direction.
* New feature. Photometry with B-V range using the UCAC4 catalog.
* New feature. Stock darkframe correction for the guider camera.
* New feature. Camera imaging and stack in realtime, for "live" sessions.
* Improved. Minimized windows can be restored clicking the command.
* Improved. Position of dialog windows is remembered.
* Improved. Autoguide in slit mode with user shifts of 0.1 pixels.
* Improved. Centering via platesolve with option for the zone size.
* Improved. RA-DEC FITS keywords with incompatible format are ignored.
* Bug fix. The "North-East" marker was not always shown after astrometry.
* Bug fix. The script window did not minimize correctly.
* Bug fix. "Add to list" in Telescope Window did not always copy the name.
* Bug fix. "Level" option in Deconvolution did not always work.
* Bug fix. Undo was not updated after LRGB.

Sun direction.
Press CTRL+SHIFT+N on image to activate it. The setting will be remembered.
Ensemble photometry with BV range.
Press the button "B-V" in the Photometry Window to enable the range, using the UCAC4 BVs. Master darkframe correction for the guider.
Create a good quality master dark frame for the guider (for example the average of 4+ images) then save it with the word "guider" inside the filename (in the example it's "") then select in the "dark/flat page" of the Camera Panel. Camera imaging and stack in realtime.
This is a script feature useful for "live" events, where the subject is continously improved by exposing images. The images will be automatically aligned and rotated (so, it also works on altaz mounts). Try this script with the Camera Simulator. Notice that the visualization can be changed in realtime:

Code: Select all

expo = 3.0
for i = 1 to 10
   if i = 1 then
   end if
next i 
The service pack also contains two experimental new functions:
1) ASCOM Rotator control.
2) New fullframe autofocus.
They will be fully released with Service Pack 2. Details about them are available here:
Clear skies,

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Re: Astroart 7 Service Pack 1

Post by einari » 07 May 2019, 17:38

Very nice.
Some problems fixed which I have encountered .

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Re: Astroart 7 Service Pack 1

Post by Dunmunro » 07 May 2019, 20:11


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Re: Astroart 7 Service Pack 1

Post by Rudi » 09 May 2019, 13:40

Great new features as usual :P

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Re: Astroart 7 Service Pack 1

Post by agd.alberto » 19 May 2019, 07:52


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Re: Astroart 7 Service Pack 1

Post by nbastro » 27 Jun 2019, 02:40

Wonderful - thanks.
Now if you can send some clear skies!

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