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Astroart 6.0 Service Pack 2

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Hello everybody,
a new Service Pack is available for Astroart 6. As usual it contains both new features and bug fixes:

Version 6.0 SP2 - May 8, 2017
* New feature. Annotate saturated stars (CTRL+SHIFT+S).
* New feature. Image download from camera with 90° rotation.
* New feature. Preprocessing with "Remove stars" filter.
* New feature. Script commands for detecting bad tracking and bad focus.
* New feature. Script commands Image.Crop, Image.Formula, Image.JD, InputButton.
* Improved. Load Palette with realtime preview on the image.
* Improved. Star atlas: option for observatory parallax for accurate NEO coordinates.
* Bug fix. Star atlas: asteroids may not be drawn correctly.
* Bug fix. Star atlas: UCAC4 stars proper motion not calculated correctly.
* Bug fix. Scripts 6.2: string literals may be compiled lowercase.
* Bug fix. Camera control 6.2: "FITS Comment" not working correctly.

About the new script commands I will post a new message later in the Script Forum.

About Annotate saturated stars: This is a feature added in the SP1 for the Camera Interface 6.2, now it's available as a stand-alone command, but the two thresholds (for example 50000 and 60000) must be set in the Options of the Camera Interface.

Download at:

Clear skies,

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