Astroart 6.0 German manual and help

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Astroart 6.0 German manual and help

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Hello friends,
I have translated the manual and the help file in German (Astroart 6.0-1291 (03/2016), CCD-plugin 6.01). All relevant screenshots (except CCD-plugin) are also translated. Because some options missing in the original language file, this was supplemented and must be replaced in the sub-directory Language. The CCD of plugin menu cannot translate with using a config file.
File Manual.pdf is help file for CCD-plugin.
The Astroart manual exists for DIN-A5 (original format) and DIN-A4 (an insert).

After downloading the file ALng6_DE.txt rename this to ALng6_DE.ini.
Copy the files AA6_de.chm and Manual.pdf in the “Astroart6” program-directory.
Replace the language file ALng6_DE.ini in sub-directory “Language”.
For operations in the program-directory admin permissions are required.

Astroart 6 Handbuch DE - A5.pdf
Astroart 6 Handbuch DE - A4.pdf

Edit from Administrator: the new download link is:
(79 Bytes)

I hope to have everything translated correctly. A guarantee I cannot accept. Information about problems I suppose like.

Clear skies,


Fabio pointed out to me that there is a problem when opening downloaded CHM files in Windows. Is showing blank pages. To fix this, simply right-click to open the properties. Then the "Zulassen” box check - that's all. For background, see here: ... s-canceled
Fabio hat mich darauf hingewiesen, dass es beim Öffnen von heruntergeladenen CHM-Dateien in Windows ein Problem gibt. Es werden nur leere Seiten angezeigt. Um das zu beheben, einfach Rechtsklick, um die Eigenschaften zu öffnen. Dann das Kästchen „zulassen“ aktivieren – das wars.

Clear skies,

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