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Post by locidor » 09 Jun 2024, 05:06

Hi all. Astroart is a very good software, with many possibilities, but I miss that there are instrumentation profiles to be able to change between them comfortably and not have to enter data every time the equipment is changed. Or am I missing something?

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Re: Profiles

Post by Iver » 10 Jun 2024, 15:41

I use a script to connect everything. In my case I have 3 different scopes so the same script works for each set-up. If you are using different cameras you would need to save a script for each set-up. I'm not sure if you can select a specific mount, focuser, and filter wheel from a script.

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Re: Profiles

Post by AstroBernd » 10 Jun 2024, 16:58

I am saving different setups (scopes, cameras, locations) under "options", "Observatory" and select the appropriate one when needed. THis is not encompassing all equipment, but camera and scope to start with.
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Re: Profiles

Post by fabdev » 12 Jun 2024, 16:47

Hello, another solution to use two different setups for camera and telescope, using one PC, is to create another installation folder and add a "Config" folder there.
For example:

1) Create a folder for the new installation (not in Program Files by the way).
2) Copy all files from the older installation into the new one.
3) Create the "Config" folder in the new installation folder.
4) Add an icon shortcut to the Windows Desktop, to launch this second installation of Astroart.

These two installations of Astroart can also be used at the same time, they will not interfere. This method is also used to control different cameras at a time.

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