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Astroart 8 SP5

Post by fabdev » 12 Nov 2023, 18:13

Hello, a new minor version of Astroart 8 is available:

Version 8.0 SP5 - November 11, 2023

* New feature. Coregister with optical distortions.
* New feature. Rotator control from the star atlas.
* New feature. Script commands for flat boxes.
* New feature. Dark theme for the script editor.
* New feature. Events and list boxes for the filter SDK.
* Improved. Buttons for easily changing the size of an annotation.
* Improved. The name of the script is shown on the title of the window.
* Improved. The astrometric position angle is shown in the profile window.
* Improved. Selecting with the mouse a deepsky object is easier on the atlas.
* Improved. Bright stars in the star atlas are drawn bigger when needed.
* Improved. Parking and tracking commands for custom telescopes.
* Bug fix. Alcor and Mizar names were flipped in the star atlas.
* Bug fix. Some minor planet names were not shown correctly.
* Bug fix. Asteroid numbers higher than 500000 could not be searched.
* Bug fix. Active optics autoguide is no longer affected by meridian flips.

Web site:

Some screenshots:

About the rotator, See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=817

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