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by ahae
02 Jul 2024, 12:47
Forum: Image processing and analysis
Topic: Mag in Stars window?
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Mag in Stars window?

Hello, perhaps a too simple question, but I couldn't find the answer in the Help files, the manual or the forum: I'm trying to calibrate DSLR images of the different colors (RGB) photometrically (the ADU <-> Mag correlation). As for photometry the UCAC4 catalogue with the APASS magnitudes is remomma...
by ahae
20 Feb 2023, 19:46
Forum: General
Topic: RGB brightness cataloque
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RGB brightness cataloque

I do not find an information if and how other star atlas could be implemented.
I would be much interested in the RGB star brightness for cameras as derived by the Madrid people:
Is there a simple possibility to use it in AA8?