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by Dennis Persyk
04 Aug 2019, 19:48
Forum: Instrumentation
Topic: Staright Xxpress Users
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Staright Xxpress Users

Do any forum members have SX cameras and are using the AstroArt plugin. I am loaded the proper drivers from Starlight Xpress but the plugin does not recognize m MX25C camera. I use the AA plugin for my Canon 6D and it works flawlessly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dennis in Hampshire, IL J...
by Dennis Persyk
26 Jul 2019, 21:58
Forum: Instrumentation
Topic: Canon 6D Noise
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Canon 6D Noise

I image with my Canon 6D from a western suburb of Chicago with moderate light pollution. My Sky Quality Meter registers 19.5 mag/sq arcsecond, equivalent to a limiting visual magnitude of about mag 5.5. Typical imaging sequence for wide area star fields: Canon f/1.4 50 mm lens at f/2.8 Iso 1000 60 s...