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by Deapsky
01 Jan 2022, 12:14
Forum: Scripts
Topic: Automation of meridian flip
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Re: Automation of meridian flip

Hello AA users, here are some simple routines to find out if a flip is necessary or not: azlimit ist the limits where my mount can go without a flip. The telescope give back it RA and DEC position, together with the position of observation I can calculate the azimut position. RA=Telescope.RA DEC=Tel...
by Deapsky
30 Oct 2019, 15:09
Forum: Instrumentation
Topic: QHY CCD problems in AA7
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Re: QHY CCD problems in AA7

Hi Gary, I confirm that QHY 5L-II works with AA6 and 7. the same for QHY 9. You have to use the latest ASCOM version and the latest qhy driver, perhaps the latest SDK. May s.t. confused the settings, this could be if QHY information are spread on your computer at different locations, due to differen...